Border Security Management

“An integrated system designed, developed towards improved national border protection, security and control Solution”

Advanced Passenger Screening System (APSS)

APSS is an integrated security solution that aims to enhance the border security and protection mechanism of a country. It is a border control management solution. 

This involves the cooperation of Global Airlines, Global Sea Ports, Inter Countries Land Ports, Global Travelling Industry Players, The Government's border protection and security agencies, Global Security agencies and services, and others. 

APSS Fundamental Scopes are:
i) National border protection, security and control enhancement
ii) A pre-screening mechanism executed offshore (overseas)
iii) A new layer of protection and defence offshore (overseas)
iv)Common integrated platform for all
v) Early Info-Alarm-Risk detection mechanism

vi) Expansion options; inbound and outbound systems:  air, sea and land

Border Control : Autogate System

The Autogate system is another parameter within border security control. It is one of the solutions that serves to validate traveller passing through a checkpoint. It secures entrance and exit point of any airports, land and sea. Our Autogate solution offers seamless integration with flexibility to operate within a complex environment.
Our Global Partner SITA
As the specialist of the industry, SITA has engaged and worked with various parties from multiple background. Their vast experiences are also resulted from their global presence at 135 countries worldwide. SITA has been actively supporting mission critical operations throughout the years.   With a strong global team onsite and remote, SITA’s performance is revolutionary .In an effort to provide a comprehensive and well-tailored solution, this strategic initiative and collaboration could further benefit our client well especially in a high profile project nature.
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